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"(Megan Stetson's) singing is physical, she inhabits the ensemble, articulating the words rather than soaring above them...(Her) singing breaks it wide open; her voice transforms the entire swell into a spiritually resonant, redemptive acceptance of, and answer to, inconsolable grief."


Thom Jurek, AllMusic Review


"Megan Stetson sang with luminosity and poise, the trenchant ache of her lines no less tear-inducing for being backed by Bernard Gann’s fuzzy black-metal guitar tremors and Greg Fox’s double-pedaled kick-drum thunder."


Steve Smith, The New York Times


Megan Stetson

M E Z Z O   S O P R A N O

"Sorrow, a re-imagining of Henryk Gorecki's Symphony No. 3 - Symphony of Sorrowful Songs" (Highlights) followed by live performance photos and credits.
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Photo by Liz Caruana
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